To make sure customers maintain their competitive position the company provides the most cost effective, reliable and dependable path to meet product development timeframes. Rapid prototyping supports this by giving a component from concept to production samples. Using rapid tooling methods and CNC machining techniques, it is possible to produce CIM components from a 3D CAD model in a short time-scale with minimum investment. Suitable for low volumes to allow customers to see and feel production-like MIM components during their development stage prior to investing in high volume production tooling.

  • Machined – Suitable when very low volumes are required in the tens. Components will be CNC machined from green blanks.
  • Rapid Prototypes – Referring to manufacturing a rapid prototype CIM tool. Capable of producing MIM components in small volumes, typically hundreds.
  • MIM – A full MIM production tool capable of producing repeatable parts in high volumes, from thousands up to and a million components.
  • 3D Printing – Ultra complex shaped metal components which cannot be manufactured by any conventional process, and which were considered impossible until now can be 3D printed by Selective Laser Sintering Technology. We can provide excellent quality net shape components so the customer doesn’t have to invest in expensive tooling for trial of components.

Product Optimization

Moldflow® analysis of a component allows optimisation of the part and mould design by adjusting areas such as gate positions, wall thickness and cooling parameters to help achieve success in the first trial.

Moldflow® simulation is conducted during the product design stage or early stages of the tool design to eliminate the problems associated with commissioning an injection mould, before manufacturing and investing in the mould has started.